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Cell and Gene Therapy at SIRION

Cell and Gene Therapy at SIRION

SIRION supports the entire cell and gene therapy value chain.

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We specialize in designing and engineering viral vectors to support development of the safest, most cost effective, and most efficacious cell and gene therapies. We perform active R&D in the areas of AAV and lentiviral vector optimization focused on vector design for clinical use, plus upstream and downstream process development to enhance productivity and reduce manufacturing contaminants.

Our portfolio includes technologies to optimize capsid specificity and targeting, high-throughput lead vector identification, targeting of therapeutic genes, and gold standard transduction technologies.

SIRION technologies are currently used in over 30 clinical programs, ranging from phase 1 to 3, currently running in the USA and Europe.


Cell and Gene Therapy Support

Our experienced cell and gene therapy professionals can guide you through our capabilities, and work closely with you to manage your project for optimum results.

They will work with you on:

  • Providing an overview of all SIRION technologies which could support your project

  • In-depth analysis and consulting of CGT projects for improved efficacy and patient safety

  • Development of viral vector designs optimized for clinical applications

  • Therapeutic expression cassette optimization for efficacious and safe expression profile

  • Process development for optimal manufacturing productivity and negligible impurity levels

  • PoC and biodistribution studies of the lead candidate batches in large animals with a CRO network

Find out more about how SIRION can help cell and gene therapy developers to accelerate the development of R&D and preclinical programs for AAV Vectors for Gene Therapy and Lentiviral Vectors for Cell Therapy.