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State-of-the-Art Portfolio of Viral Vector Technologies

SIRION Biotech’s cutting edge technologies support innovators in cell therapy, gene therapy, and vaccination using viral vectors to deliver target genes to patients, improving the clinical efficacy and safety of therapeutic products.

Our strong IP portfolio supports the entire CGT value chain from discovery to commercialization and is accessible to industrial partners and academic institutions at the forefront of the gene and cell therapy (CGT) revolution.



Gene Therapy – AAV Vector Technologies

To optimize adeno-associated vectors (AAV) for gene therapy applications we offer capsid optimization, therapeutic expression cassette optimization, and manufacturing technologies. More here.

Cell Therapy – Lentiviral Vector Technologies

Lentivirus surface modification technology retargets lentiviral vectors to specific molecular structures while SIRIONs transduction enhancer LentiBOOST® improves clinical outcome of ex-vivo cell therapies. More here.

Adenoviral Vector Technologies

Technologies include our proprietary adenoviral vector Ad19a/64 plus technologies such as BAC to easily generate and manufacture recombinant adenoviral particles. More here.

Screening Technology

ViraSense technology is used to identify new compounds with antiviral activity to treat specific viral infections caused by herpes and adenoviruses, and to test resistance of clinical virus strains to active ingredients. More here.