The use of stable cell pools is indispensable when analyzing long term effects of gene overexpression or silencing.

SIRION BIOTECH`s lentiviral vector platform allows for constitutive and inducible gene modification. It offers a reliable system for highest gene overexpression or knockdown from vector cloning to a functional tested stable cell pool in less than 8 weeks.

Fields of Application

  • Functional gene analysis
  • Target identification and validation
  • Generation of stable constitutive or inducible reporter cell lines
  • expression of fluorescent or luminescent proteins for in vivo imaging
  • Mammalian expression and purification of proteins

SIRION`s benefits

  • Maximum flexibility in experimental design
  • large promoter and reporter gene portfolio
  • Homogenous expression both on mRNA and protein level through optimized vector design.
  • Stable, near 100% knockdowns in combination with RNAiONETM
  • expression levels adjustable by choice of promoter
  • From cDNA via custom virus production to delivery of a functionality tested stable cell pool in less than 8 weeks
  • Functionality tested frozen cells ready to use under BSL-1

Service Details

  • Transduction of Customer Cells with custom lentiviral particles
  • Generation of stable cell pools by antibiotic selection.
  • Quantification of gene expression by qRT-PCR and QC
  • optional: on Western Blot
  • optional: clonal cell line generation
  • Delivery of functionality tested ready to use frozen cells under BSL-1

Application Example

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