ProVector™ production cells
  • Protect packaging cells from transgene interference
  • Maintain vector performance post-production
  • Fully adaptable to your R&D project

Transgene expression during virus production can interfere with the biology of standard packaging cells. This unwanted side effect can mean the early end to otherwise promising vaccination strategies by compromising scalability of the gene vector for in-vivo applications.

ProVector™production cells protect from unwanted side effects during vector packaging by suppressing transgene expression. Once produced, transgene expression is fully restored in the end-application. ProVector™ system to fit your individual needs, independent of the virus serotype or transgene.

Proof of concept

Transgene (GFP) suppression during AV production in ProVector™ cells.

A) Normal HEK293 cells show strong transgene expression during AV production. ProVector™ cells significantly suppress the transgene expression during virus packaging. B) Once AV-CMV- GFP particles are produced and applied to a chosen experimental cell line (in this case HT1080 cells) the expression is no longer suppressed and fully functional.

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