Keratinocytes represents one of the cell types being of highest interest and importance in a multitude of research fields. Indications comprise the cosmetic industries, wound healing, cutaneous gene therapy and skin transplantation just to mention a few of them. High transduction efficiencies are one prerequisite for successful and reliable keratinocyte research. Moreover a keratinocyte-directed gene transfer without safety concerns is indispensable in gene therapy and regenerative medicine studies.

SIRION Biotech together with its AAV excellence lab Cologne expands its AAV service portfolio. The recently published keratinocyte specific AAV serotype* KeraAAVTM represents a

  • safe (BSL-1),
  • efficient and
  • specific

gene transfer vehicle system for highest possible transduction efficiencies in vitro.

Tailor made keratinocyte specific AAVs are now offered and available as fee for service to all clients.

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* Sallach et al., Tropism-modified AAV Vectors Overcome Barriers to Successful Cutaneous Therapy, Molecular Therapy (2014), 22 5, 929-939