Adenoviruses can be concentrated to high titers of 10^11 IU/ml making them an extremely efficient method of delivering shRNA or transgenes in vivo.
Additional benefits for in vivo use are the fast and strong onset of expression.
When using adenoviruses one must take into consideration that >90% of the virus particles will be absorbed by the liver and that there can be strong immunoreactions of the host organism.
BL-2 (S2) facilities are required when handling adenoviruses.

Fields of Application

  • Efficient transgene/ shRNA expression in vivo

SIRION`s benefits

  • Vector formulation for direct in vivo use
  • Fast and strong expression onset
  • highly concentrated [5 X10E10 – 1 X10E11 IU/ml]
  • From cloning to viral delivery in less than 9 weeks – guaranteed with patented BAC technology
  • Large promoter and marker gene portfolio guarantees for flexibility in vector design
  • Highest product purity
  • Up to 4 genes from one vector through large packaging capacity (up to 7.5 kb)
  • Reproducible results due to standardized product quality

Service Details

  • Cloning of your cDNA (up to 7.5 kb)/ shRNA in SIRION`s adenovirus shuttle plasmid
  • Verification of cloning success by DNA sequencing
  • Generation of recombinant adenovirus BACs
  • Production of low passage virus stocks followed by amplification in 293 cells
  • Upscaling in 293 cells to large/ X-large titer
  • Specific purification via ultracentrifugation
  • Titration of infectious units (IU) and QC
  • Gene expression quantification on mRNA level by qRT-PCR in a standard cell system and/ or
  • optionally on protein level by Western Blot
ScaleInfectious Units (IU)Time
Large *
≥ 1 X10E11 *
7-9 weeks
X-Large *
≥ 1 X10E12 *
9-11 weeks

* Feasibility check needed

Application Example

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