Fields of Application

  • inducible stable cell model generation to analyze long term effects of gene overexpression and silencing in vitro
  • to circumvent cell adaption to stable genetic modification
  • enables characterization of toxic gene modulations

SIRION`s benefits

  • in-house optimized TET-inducible All-in ONE vector backbone
  • classical TET-inducible TWO-vector technology for large constructs
  • highly sensitive to doxycycline induction without leakiness in the absence of doxycycline
  • knockdown efficiency of at least 80% on mRNA level when combining with SIRION`s RNAiONE service
  • optimized lentiviral vector design for highly homogeneous cell pool generation
  • no more need for time consuming clonal selection
  • custom lentivirus in less than 4 weeks
  • large promoter and marker genes portfolio guarantees for flexibility in vector design

Service Details

  • Cloning of your cDNA/ shRNA into SIRION`s inducible lentiviral expression vector
  • Verification of cloning success by DNA-Sequencing
  • Lentivirus production in Hek 293 cells
  • Purification, concentration and QC
  • Lentivirus titration by qRT-PCR [VP/ml] AND determination of infectious titer [IU/ml]
  • optional: SIRION offers full inducible cell model generation service

Standard scales Titer in Viral Particles (VP) Time
Standard ≥ 5 X10E8 2-4 weeks
Medium ≥ 5 X10E9 3-5 weeks
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Application Example

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