Custom cell models

Customized cell models for your research

We enable in-depth functional gene analysis

Requirements of cell based assays and publications have increased significantly. To improve the effectiveness of target research and compound development the use of patient or stem cell-derived cell models is becoming increasingly important.

SIRION Biotech offers the most versatile collection of viral vectors and RNAi technology for sophisticated genetic engineering without any cell type limitations.

- Faster end points

- improved reliability

- enhanced predictability

- significant cost savings.

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Application example:

Hypoxia sensor cells

Hypoxic microenvironment is coincidental with development and maintenance of tumors. The deeper understanding of how hypoxia affects angiogenesis and metabolism is therefore a research field of highest priority.

The example shows a colon cancer cell line treated with a hypoxia response element (HRE) driving luciferase expression. By using lentivirus vectors to introduce the HRE-Luc2 construct the hypoxia signal is tight and highly responsive in all cells.

SIRION SenCELL HypoxiaTM reporter system enables real time bioluminescence imaging of hypoxia in any in vitro cell or xenograft model. It exploits the natural characteristic of hypoxia and the hypoxia induced activation of the bHLH transcription factor HIF-1α (hypoxia inducible transcription factor-1α) .