Cell engineering after your specification

We meet your specific experimential requirements with our cell modelling services

In vitro cell modelling enables access to in depth functional gene analysis for the complete academic and industrial research market. SIRION Biotech can target ANY GENE in ANY CELL with its comprehensive and unique viral vector platform.

SIRION ’s highly versatile collection of viral vector- and knockdown-strategies drive this sophisticated genetic engineering service platform, virtualy free from cell type limitations. The innovative combination of these technologies enables us to offer even complex models at efficient timescales.

Clients are free to choose between different types of overexpression and/or knockdown modalities:

transient vs. stable

constitutive vs. inducible

moderate vs. strong expression

with several genes/shRNA sequences expressed from one vector (multicistronic vector design).

SIRION can also access a wide portfolio of fluorescent reporter genes and luciferases (Promega) to further increase the range of customization possibilities.

The strong flexibility of the SIRION cell modelling service enables clients to meet all of their specific experimental requirements and addresses the challenges of today’s research and development fields. With the ability to manipulate primary cells efficiently, even immortalisation proceedures can be accomplished. Our in-house developed immortalized HUVEC are a prime example of the success of this service element.

With years of experience and numerous ongoing cell modelling services at any given time, we are sure to add that extra piece of innovation to your project - in record time.Every cell modelling project is thoroughly discussed with our customers to ensure that the resulting products are feasably designed in the context of your research and fit the final application.