AdenoONE™ Cloning Kit

Profit from SIRION's patented BAC technology

Adenoviruses have a large genome of 36kb making genetic manipulations by classical cloning strategies extremely difficult and ineffective.

The AdenoONETM Cloning Kit enables fast and easy recombination based adenoviral vector generation in E.coli cells followed by adenovirus production in HEK 293 cells within less than 5 weeks. Adenovirus particles are generated from an E1/E3 deleted adenoviral serotype 5 and therefore comply with required safety standards.

AdenoONETM Cloning Kit is based on SIRION Biotech`s patented BAC technology:

  1. Cloning of your gene of interest (GOI) or shRNA into the pO6A5 shuttle vector
  2. FLP mediated recombination in E.coli (BA5 FRT cells) to obtain your desired Ad5 E1/E3 deleted serotype

Find our Product Manual here for download


  • Fast - adenovirus vector cloning and production within less than 5 weeks
  • Reliable - no false positive BACs due to sophisticated selection system
  • Simple - ready to go kit with all reagents and detailed manual
  • Safe - replication deficient E1/E3 deleted serotype 5 adenovirus

Order No. Product Description Price** (EUR)
SB-P-AV-103-01 AdenoONETM Cloning Kit for gene overexpression: pO6A5 shuttle vector with CMV promoter*, electrocompetent BA5 FRT cells, 10 reactions 975,00
SB-P-AV-104-01 AdenoONETM Cloning Kit for gene knockdown: pO6A5 shuttle vector with U6 promoter*, electrocompetent BA5 FRT cells, 10 reactions 975,00
SB-P-AV-105-01 Consumables: electrocompetent BA5 FRT cells , 10 reactions 420,00

* shuttle vector available for gene overexpression (CMV promoter) and silencing (U6 promoter)
** please note shipping charges will be added