Actin cytoskeleton

Live imaging of theactin cytoskeleton is crucial for the study of many fundamental biologicalprocesses like

  • morphogenesis → senescence/ ageing
  • cell division → tumorigenesis
  • cell migration → metastasis
  • neuronal polarization → neuronal diseases

SIRION`s* SenCELL LifeActTM reporter system enables real time imaging of actin dynamics under physiological conditions.


  • Live cell imaging of cytoskeletal organization and dynamics
  • High content analysis
  • Functional cell-based assays, such as chemotaxis and migration


LifeAct* represents the actin binding domain from the yeast protein Abp140. Coupled to a fluorescent protein makes life cell imaging of the actin dynamics without toxicity possible.

Chart:Co-Localization assay*in MEFs confirms perfect overlap with the commonly accepted actin marker phalloidin.

Benefits from Working with SIRION

  • shortest actin marker with only 17amino acids
  • no homologs in higher eukaryotes
  • low binding affinity guarantees no effect on actin kinetics

Product & Service Details

SIRION* offers SenCELL HT-1080 LifeAct™-TagGFP2, a fully characterized human fibrosarcoma cell line stably overexpressing LifeAct™-TagGFP2.

  • Functionally validated
  • Long-term actin visualization –25 passages guaranteed
  • Characteristics proven to be identical tothe parental HT-1080 cell line
  • Available in convenient and cost efficient bulk quantities
  • Shipped in frozen cell stocks and applicableto your high content screening within a matter of days

Stable lentiviral transducted HT-1080 with LifeAct GFP represent a perfect in vitro tumor cell model

This intriguing technology is also available for your individual cell line on demand. Figure out our custom cell model service or contact us for detailed project discussion.

* in collaboration with Ibidi Please refer to Ibidis ( website for detailed information and for already available LifeACT products and commercial ready-to-use LifeACT overexpressing cell lines.